Safe Place to Keep Your Cash

Safe Place to Keep Your Cash

Previously, Warren Buffett – the “Oracle of Omaha” and one of the most successful investors of all time – issued this warning in a recent annual letter to shareholders:

Safe Place To Keep Cash
“Stock market losses of 50% or more are not only possible but inevitable in the future.”

Buffett discussed how over the next 53 years, we should expect losses similar to those experienced during the 53-year history of Berkshire Hathaway’s stock. (Buffett is CEO of that company.) In the past 53 years, some of the worst losses ranged from 37.1% to 59.1%.

Buffett noted that, “… our shares (and others) will experience declines resembling those (previous declines). No one can tell you when this will happen. The light can at any time go from green to red without turning yellow.”

This is (was) the first bull market to ever make it to its 10th birthday… which happened months ago. Buffett knows we’re on borrowed time. We’ve had some stomach-churning volatility, which is often a precursor to a full-blown market crash.”

We can see today that prediction was deadly accurate.

Many people are panicking.  Many people were feeling wealthy, thanks to the gains in the stock market, are now horror-stricken.

“This time is different”
“The market won’t crash”
“I’ll be able to get out in time”

Most people will experience massive losses – again. Many people are woefully unprepared for the inevitable market meltdown, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

So what can you do?

The Very Best Place to Put Money You Need to Keep Safe and Liquid is in your Private Bank.   A properly structured high-cash-value dividend-paying whole life policy comes with an unbeatable combination of advantages, which include:

  • Many states have codified laws to protect your “private bank” from creditors; and where not statutorily protected your private bank can still be protected through a properly structured entity
  • Guaranteed, predictable growth every year – even when the markets are crashing
  • It’s a supercharged variation of an asset that has never had a losing year in more than 160 years – not even during the Great Depression or Great Recession
  • Liquidity and control of your money – get access to it when and for whatever you want, no questions asked
  • It comes with numerous tax advantages, including tax-deferred growth and tax-free withdrawals, under current tax law

Find out what your bottom-line numbers and results could be if you added Private Banking Strategies® into your financial plan.