Becoming Your Own Banker

Be Your Own Bank

Welcome to Private Banking Strategies’ Guide to Becoming Your Own Banker. For politically conservative business owners, real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and millionaires in Texas age 30+, protecting your assets, avoiding unnecessary taxation, and creating a financial legacy are top priorities. In this guide, we will explain how you can become your own banker and take control of your financial future.

Advantages of Becoming Your Own Banker

By becoming your own banker, you capture strong advantages, such as greater flexibility and control over your money, tax free compounding growth, and the ability to grow your wealth more efficiently. Rather than relying on traditional banking institutions and systems, take control of your own financial success and protect your assets, maintain financial privacy, capture the velocity of money, secure guaranteed financing, invest in opportunities that align with your financial goals and leave a legacy to your heirs tax free.

The Process to Become Your Own Banker

Becoming your own banker is very simple.  We offer unmatched education and guidance with a range of resources to help you get started, including a podcast and a free e-book. These resources will help you understand the concept of becoming your own banker and the strategies you can use to achieve your financial objectives.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the concept, we recommend joining us for an exploratory consultation. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to create a customized plan that suits your unique financial situation and goals. We will help you set up your own Private Banking Strategies®, guide you through the process of financing purchases and investments, and show you how to use your bank to build a long-term financial legacy.

Being Your Own Banker FAQs

Becoming your own banker refers to the concept of using a specially designed whole life insurance policy as a financial tool to create your own personal banking system. It involves utilizing the policy’s cash value to finance purchases and investments instead of relying on traditional banks or lenders.

To become your own banker, you must set up a whole life insurance policy with a participating mutual insurance company. Over time, you build cash value which you can access through policy loans. These policy loans can be used for any purpose whatsoever, including investment, business acquisition or expansion, personal financing of major expenses, real estate investment, or for retirement purposes.

Some advantages include:

  • Control: You have control over your own banking system, eliminating the need to rely on traditional banks.
  • Tax advantages: Policy loans are typically tax-free, allowing you to access cash without triggering taxable events.
  • Growth potential: The cash value within the policy continually grows over time, providing you with a stable financial foundation.
  • Asset protection: In many jurisdictions, life insurance policies enjoy legal protection from creditors, offering an added layer of asset protection.

While becoming your own banker has its benefits, it is essential to consider potential risks, including:

  • Insurance costs: Whole life insurance policies as with all insurance purchased has a cost for the insurance. Initially, there is a portion of your premium that is not available for use in the cash value. However, over time, the premiums become super-efficient as a dollar in premium provides over a dollar in cash value returned.  This is a super charging factor in Private Banking Strategies®.
  • Loan interest: You will be charged interest when you borrow against the policy’s cash value. If you don’t pay the interest on the policy loan, it will create a drag against the cash value. This is easily solved by making sure you pay the loans as would be the case in any traditional loan.

To get started, you should:

  • Please educate yourself about the concept of becoming your own banker and understand how it fits into your financial goals. Begin by reading or listening to our free E-book and then listen to some of our podcasts to help you understand what Private Banking Strategies® can do for you.
  • After that, please book an exploratory consultation with us.

While the concept of becoming your own banker is available to everyone, we like to say that if you spend more than you make, it won’t work for you.  We have worked with all walks of life.  We have helped those heavily sunk in debt come soaring back into financial freedom and we have worked with those who are already extremely wealthy and successful protect and keep what they have and become even more successful. Factors such as your financial situation, financial goals, and risk tolerance should be considered. Ideal candidates are pre-retirement and looking to protect their assets and their legacy.

Take Control of Your Financial Future Today

Do not leave your financial future to chance. Become your own banker and take control of your money. With our guidance and expertise, you can protect your assets, avoid unnecessary taxation, and create a legacy that lasts generations. Contact us today to get started on the path to financial freedom.