Financial Security and Asset Protection Quiz

This brief quiz will help you determine in what areas your financial privacy and asset protection measures may need an upgrade.

Do I have a bullet proof Asset Protection plan in place?
My cash is completely secure and could never be taken from me in my current bank.
The Dodd Frank (Consumer Protection) Act allows my bank to "bail-in" and take my deposits.
FDIC insurance will protect me if my bank becomes insolvent.
I enjoy tax free growth on my investments with complete liquidity and no penalty when I withdraw funds, no matter what my age is.
I have strategies in place whereby I always get the money I spend back into my own family bank.
My financial transactions are completely private.
I can use the same dollar more than once.
I have guaranteed financing without any loan qualifications whatsoever.
I am financially free.
I have a solid plan to become financially free and independently wealthy.
I am open to education that will help me become financially free and independently wealthy.