Vance D. Lowe

Vance D. Lowe RFC, ChFC, CLU

Position: Chief Executive Officer

With 40 years in the financial industry, Vance has extensive knowledge in the financial arena, extending far beyond his numerous accreditations, honors and accolades. For over two decades, Vance owned and operated a successful money management firm.

As an expert in the financial markets, stocks, bonds, 401K’s, and other retirement vehicles, Vance developed a keen awareness of market risks and of the market dangers that put client’s hard-earned money and retirement funds at risk. When he discovered the Infinite Banking Concept through his friend Nelson Nash, he realized that there was a far superior way to grow wealth and obtain compounding interest without any market risk. Vance discovered the age-old secret that the ultra wealthy and politicians have known for over hundred years – Be the Bank!

Vance ultimately sold his money management firm and became an accredited expert in structuring private banking entities. He now funds millions into private banking entities every year. As the CEO of Private Banking Strategies, Vance has established himself as a “go to person” in the industry because of his extensive knowledge and understanding of the Infinite Banking Strategies. He is a mentor of some of the best practitioners in America and has served as an advisor to the Nelson Nash Institute. He has helped countless families, business owners, and high-net worth individuals create financial freedom by utilizing Private Banking Strategies and putting the banking equation back in their lives.

As a husband and father, Vance has a passion to help other families establish their own private banking strategies and become financially independent and free. By helping others create and implement their own Private Banking Strategies, Vance helps to change the financial atmosphere of every client, one family at a time. Vance is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, free-thinker and creative problem solver. His multi-faceted expertise and experience brings a multitude of value to every client Private Banking Strategies serves.