Seth Hicks

Seth Hicks, Esq.

Position: Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel Life Structure Consultant

Seth Hicks, Esq. brings a wealth of experience to Private Banking Strategies clientele, having successfully served as a trusted advisor and counselor to multi-million-dollar family owned businesses, small and large business owners alike, high-net worth individuals, and entrepreneurs.

With a 20 plus year track record of helping structure and scale businesses to optimum financial growth, his proven applications have helped create and maintain financial freedom and independence for those he counsels. As the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for Private Banking Strategies, Seth brings his wealth of experience to our clients, successfully structuring financial growth and protection with innovative Private Banking Strategies.

Moreover, as an expert in business and legal operations, he structures his clients’ transactions with wealth preservation and asset protection as a key focus. With his vast experience in risk management and strategic planning, it’s no surprise that he leads the industry as a problem-solving strategist. Seth is passionate about implementing Private Banking Strategies for his clients to help them achieve financial freedom and grow legacy wealth for future generations.