Jan Paulson

Jan R. Paulson

Position: Private Banking Strategies Practitioner

Jan has a banking background and robust list of accomplishments to his credit. Jan strengthens the Private Banking Strategies team, bringing a distinguished career formerly working with the FDIC. He has a niche expertise in dealing with failed banks and has seen first-hand the problems caused by dishonest and incompetent bankers, as well as a flawed centralized banking system. Jan knows how to structure investments that are sheltered from the government taking, and from the risk centralized banks pose.

Jan has been involved with the Infinite Banking Concept for over a decade.  He has developed expertise in helping others understand Private Banking Strategies’ concepts and to put them to work in their personal family economies.  Jan has been married to his wife Susan for 45 years, and he enjoys teaching his children and grandchildren about the advantages of Private Banking Strategies.